Friday, 1 March 2013

Off to pound my eardrums...

Today is Soundwave Adelaide 2013! Oh my god I am so excited. I finally get to see my favourite band in the world again.

A Perfect Circle, have been a part of me since 2000. Maynard has such an amazing voice, I always feel so happy listening to him. They have only been to Adelaide once before back in 2004. So I am so excited not only that they are in Australia, but that they are actually coming to Adelaide. Adelaide has a history of being ignored for concerts by big artists for whatever reason.

In preparation for today I dug through my wardrobe for an APC tee that I bought a few years ago. It has never fit very well and is black which in a festival atmosphere = hot and sweaty! So I set out to make it more comfy and suitable for a day in the sun. Using a racer back tank that I already had I marked out lines to cut the sleeves and collar off. I also wanted to add some colour down the side so I cut out panels from either side. After adding some extra green fabric and a bit of tidying up (hemming) I came out with this.

I'm pretty happy with it, even though the sewing is a little wonky and rough. I'm still learning with my sewing machine but I am looking forward to altering more clothes and even making my own in the future with more practice.

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