Saturday, 2 February 2013

Lion King Baby Shower

Last Saturday, myself along with my mum and sister threw a Lion King themed baby shower for my brother's girlfriend. The theme came about as we all love the movie and the mum-to-be had mentioned that she had a Lion King plastic table cloth that she had held onto from one of her childhood birthday parties. So we had our starting point.

The colour scheme was yellow, green, brown and a dash of orange. After some Googling and many hours on Pinterest, I had found some ideas for decorations and games. I made up templates for Wishes for Baby, Celebrity Baby Names and Pin The "Peanut" on the Mummy (The parents to be call baby that at the moment).

I also made a couple centre pieces using nappies to build up the base and added some little decorations to yellow plastic cups. There were helium balloons in brown, green and yellow, golden baby bottles as game prizes, orange velvet cupcakes with yellow frosting and yellow and green baby onesie sugar cookies.

I did make a pretty silly error with the the Celeb baby name. I put in Sunday but not her Celeb mummy's name and put Angelina Jolie but didn't list any of her kids (couldn't decide which one to add)

It was a great day, with laughs and a tonne of presents! Little Peanut is barely even going to be able to fit in his own nursery.

Did you have a themed baby shower? I would love to hear about other themes that people have used. My husband would love for us to have a Dr Seuss themed party if we have another baby!

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