Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Xmas and New Year all packed away

It's 2013! I hope that everyone had a safe and happy Christmas and New Year.

Our Christmas last year involved and 1.5hr drive in between family events. We are definitely going to have to discuss what we do from now on, as bubs gets older she may not enjoy the car for long periods like that. It may end up that we alternate families each year. I know a few people who do that and it seems to work well for them. Less stress and more fun.

Our daughter got royally spoilt, especially considering her 1st birthday was 2wks before Christmas. Luckily though, she's too young to understand that she was spoilt.

New Years we had planned a quiet night of movies, dinner and a couple quiet drinks, which would have been great as the little one could be in bed whenever she needed. Unfortunately she got sick and we spent most of the night in hospital. 3-4 hours in the emergency department and then transferred to the children's ward for observation. We were released in the afternoon but ended up back again that night.

Poor bubba was up and down temperature almost hitting 40! That's scary stuff, and I wouldn't want any parent to have to see their little one in the dazed and dopey state that the fever put her in.

After a couple days now of antibiotics it looks like the worst is behind us, which is very good. She is almost back to her normal cheeky, destructamacon self. Even trying to grab ornaments from the Xmas tree as I tried to pack it away.

On that note, a couple years ago I bought these great ornament boxes. I love them. They make packing away Xmas so easy and tidy. Check them out below...

(The last 2 photos are a special ornament for our daughter for the Xmas tree and a really cute small glitter reindeer head which will be going on her bedroom wall. It will need a coat of lacquer first though to help seal the glitter in, as it drops a lot!)

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