Thursday, 8 August 2013

Feeling Crafty

With a new baby girl on the way I have been thinking recently about all the clothes that our daughter (aka Jellybean) never even got to wear that are sitting in the top of her cupboard. The plan is to recycle most of it as hand me downs with bubba #2 (also known as my Dark Passenger :p ). 

However, I have been "feeling crafty" lately and have decided to embellish and customize some of Jellybean's clothing so that it isn't the exact same for Dark Passenger. Before tackling the clothes in storage I bought a couple cheap neon tees for Jellybean and found some great matching neon sequins to have a play with and get me going.

Below are the results of the two tees. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. It took a few hours to do each top, but I was doing it all by hand and it actually was spread out over a couple nights after Jellybean went to bed.

After the 2 tees I found these gorgeous shorts at Target. They already had the hearts stitched on the back, so I bought some nice ruby red sequins and followed the outline to make them stand out even more. These are going to look ultra cute on Dark Passenger when she arrives. 

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