Thursday, 25 April 2013

Cheshire Cat makeup

A friend of ours decided to have a Storybook themed costume party recently. I was so excited because I knew straight away I was going to go as anyone from Alice in Wonderland!

After much Googling and many hours on Pinterest looking for inspiration, I settled on the Cheshire Cat. The first two images below were my inspiration found on DeviantArt by a poster who goes by the name Archaical.

My attempt was done in about an hour, I probably would have done a more detailed job but I had really put off doing a trial run. I kinda freaked out because hers is so amazing and I didn't think I would be able to get even half of the detail. I didn't end up doing the eyeliner [I wish I had :( ], but if I ever have the opportunity to do this again I definitely would.  I would also practice with false lashes and use them too.

I used my 88 palette from Coastal Scents for the eyes. I absolutely love this palette, so much so that I have started buying them as christmas presents for my nieces, to show them that quality make up doesn't always have to be expensive. I have had mine for just over 3 years and haven't even come close to finishing even one colour! But.. I have sidetracked myself.

For the mouth I used a very fine paintbrush, using water-based white and black face paints. I would suggest using oil-based as the water-based seems to crack very quickly and using it around your mouth means a lot of movement to cause cracking.

(NOTE: The photos of my attempt were taken after the party as I ran out of time beforehand to get some good ones, hence why the paint has cracked a bit.)

At the party the birthday boy had a photo booth set up and we got some great photos from that. Here's a couple :)

With my husband, who drew his Mad Hatter inspiration from the character's portrayal in Batman comics 

The "other" Mad Hatter made these "Wolverine" claws for his costume that he wore to my husband's 30th birthday last year. We all had a "play" for the camera with the claws.

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