Friday, 21 September 2012

Something crafty - Flower headband

So, today I decided to get crafty. I loaded my little munchkin into the car and headed off to Spotlight for supplies.

The mission was to get materials to make a headband to match a Lion King dress that my brother and his lovely girlfriend had bought for Scarlett.

I would need either a synthetic silk style fabric or organza in a bright peachy orange and lemon yellow, some stretchy white lace, gems, gem glue, white card stock and some white felt. Armed with my supplies I headed home, put the bubba down for a sleep and got to work.

I started by cutting various sized circles out of the card stock to use as stencils. Then I used these to draw around in pencil, circles, on the back of the material, which I then cut out.

I cut six lines on the edge of the fabric, only about one third of the way in to create the petals. You can round them off if you prefer(I did).

Next I lit a tea light candle, holding the petals individually and curving them slightly, held them about 4-5cm above the flame, so that they started to melt and curl inwards. I didn't do this part very well, I definitely burnt mine a little.

Once I was done with the candle, I got a needle and some white thread and did a little criss cross stitch to secure all the layers.

Lastly I used a tiny dot of glue to secure my gem to the centre of the flower.

As I said it is just a trial run but I'm overall happy with how I picture my final product looking. The colours are a perfect match for the dress, and my little munchkin is going to look absolutely gorgeous wearing these, once I attach them to a headband.

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